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b.1987 Los Angeles, CA

"Erica Everage’s process is driven by mark-making, an interest in how a transformative sequence is recorded, and oriented around specific materials. Everage works with color, texture, and structure while evolving ancient or abandoned imagery in contemporary forms. Folding the past into the present, she finds blurry connections between history and memory, with attention to perennial—though perhaps forgotten—symbols that determine relations between gendered modes of embodiment and (recognizable) categories of identity. In particular, many of the figures from which she works in abstraction are ancient feminine Western deities or icons—such as the Sheela na gig—once placed above doors and entrances as guardians of liminal spaces. At the same time, her use of interstitial materials, such as burlap and artificial turf sub-base, suggests that this engagement with voids via voided, discarded, or in-between substances begins on the level of the substrates of her work."

 -- Text courtesy of Zach Baker of Reisig & Taylor Contemporary.


2023 - Otis College of Art & Design, Los Angeles, CA - MFA Fine Art 

2010 - Northwestern University, Evanston, IL - B.A., Theatre

2005 - Apprentice to Robert Graham, Venice, CA


2017 - Institute of Classical Architecture & Art Winterim Intensive Scholarship 

2005 - The Los Angeles Music Center Spotlight Award, 2nd Place, 2D Design

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2023 - In Her Image, Hotel Figueroa, Los Angeles, CA

2023 - Divine Hag, The Bolsky Gallery, Los Angeles, CA


2024 - After, Culver Hotel, presented by Reisig & Taylor Contemporary, Los Angeles, CA

2024-2026 - Art in Embassies, Ambassador Robin Dunnigan, Tbilisi, Georgia

2023 - Skins, Holes & HovelsReisig & Taylor Contemporary, Los Angeles, CA

2023 - Chords2Cure Benefit, Reisig & Taylor Contemporary, Los Angeles, CA

2023 - Body Language, The Cooler x The Reclaim, Fresno, CA

2022 - Open Doors, Otis MFA Graduate Studios, Los Angeles, CA

2022 - The First Turn, Bolsky Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2021 - Larger Than Life Drawing, Life Drawing+, Online Exhibition​

2018, Crush/Repeat 2018, LOVECITYLOVE, Seattle, WA

2016 - Small Works Exhibition, Ruth Bachofner Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

2016 - Enduring Endeavors, Sulkin/Secant Gallery,  Santa Monica, CA

2005 - LIVE DRAW!, DCA Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA

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